Tips to making your house comfortable

by - July 22, 2018

There are many properties for sale in Malaysia, ranging from landed properties, to condominiums and apartments. If you prefer staying in a place further from the bustling city, you can consider the apartments near town in Melaka. In addition, Melaka is given the status World Heritage City in 2008. Melaka is also well known for its tourism sector with amazing culture and food. This article will guide you through some tips to make your house comfortable

1. Art pieces

You will be surprised at how different it can be by just hanging art pieces in your house. Research has also shown that by simply looking at an art piece, it can help you to reduce stress and make you happy. Apart from feeling happy looking at the art pieces, it also helps you to instill your individual personality into the space. Make sure you hang only art pieces that you appreciate and like to your house to make you feel comfortable.

2. Scent

Scent plays an important role in making your house more presentable and homier. Imagine coming back to a home that smells good, it will definitely make you feel more at ease and reduce your stress level. Eliminate unpleasant odor by cleaning the house at least once a week and disposing your garbage daily. If there is any funky unpleasant scent or smoke, try masking them with placing charcoals around the house. You could also experiment with air diffuser with essential oils, or any fragrance that suits your taste. Your olfactory receptor will thank you for that.

3. Set a theme

Have a style of your own or set a theme according to your preference. Be it minimalistic, European, traditional, contemporary, country or cottage. Explore some website such as Pinterest to find a style or theme that best suits you. Paint them according to your preferred theme. If you do not want to go through the hassle of painting, you can always opt for wallpaper instead, which can be really aesthetically beautiful too. You can mix and match as well, for example, you can have modern furniture in your house and at the same time, pair them with some vintage accessories. After all, it is all about balancing and making your home comfortable.

4. Make changes

(a) If you do not like having a design or a theme that is permanent, you can always make some changes to your house from time to time. Use wallpaper instead of painting. You can also add arts or drawing to the wall without needing to drill a hole on the wall by sticking them on the wall instead.

(b) Change the design of the curtain. Replace dusty, old-fashioned curtains with something fresh and bright for an instant makeover. Sheer white would be good for a minimalistic theme or patterned curtains could be used for a theme that you have decided on earlier.

(c) Invest in a rug that brings out the uniqueness of your house. It does not have to be an expensive rug that costs you an arm and a leg, just a cotton rug with unique shapes and patterns would be enough to stand out on their own. In addition, it could also cover something on the floor that brings an eyesore to you.

(d) Additional cushions to your sofa could be one of the easiest and quickest way to make a space yours. Cover your chair with a sheepskin to add some fluffiness to it for a homey feel.

5. Make full use of small spaces.

Think of a way to fully utilize the space. It might be small but if you put in some effort to decorating the space, it will definitely appear larger than it is. If you are a believer of Feng Shui, you might want to rearrange your furniture placement accordingly. At the same time, you are also creating extra space for the house. Also, avoid lining all furniture against the wall.

6. Appreciate your storage

Get creative with storage. Most houses often lack storage, which can lead to messy house in the long term. Therefore, make full use of unused space. You can improve this situation by addition furniture that can help with storage, and at the same time, making a statement to your place. For example, use suitcases as a side table in the living room, while treating it as storage where you keep your magazines or remote controls in it. Experiment with lighting that helps to brighten up the space. Add an eye catching floor standing lamp next to your suitcase that further enhance the feature of your home. Adding mirrors could do wonders in making your unit appears more spacious. However, some Feng Shui master might go against the idea of adding a mirror, so do check out with your Feng Shui master if you are a believer of Feng Shui.

7. A garden

Plants and flowers are a way to liven up a space. However, most condominiums or apartments do not come with a personal garden. Fret not if you do not have a garden in your condominium unit. You can create a garden that will move with you. You can try having small plants in a pot sitting on a table or on a bookshelf that will not occupy much of the space.

Be adventurous. Let your creativity runs free and do not restrict yourself. With so many home decorating ideas on the website, it can be easy to liven up your space even when you are on a budget.

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